WATCH VIDEO; Earth ‘swallows’ 2 women laughing on a pavement…Find out more


Both of them fell around 3 metres into the basement below, showered with dust and debris

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, two women were swallowed by a sinkhole after a pavement they were walking on caved in. The incident took place in Diyarbakir, Southeast Turkey on Wednesday.  Luckily, both the women were rescued with minor injuries.

The entire episode was captured on CCTV. The video of the incident has gone viral ever since. Dr Suzan Kuday Balık and nurse Ozlem Duymaz are seen laughing in the video, oblivious to what awaited them. As they stopped on a pavement, a gaping sinkhole opened up beneath their feet, swallowing both of them.

Both of them fell around three metres into the basement below, showered with dust and debris. The two were rescued by passersby who immediately jumped into action.  Dr. Balik and Duymaz were rescued by the crowd and taken to a nearby hospital. Amazingly, they suffered only minor injuries.

“No one should live through that. My daughter came to my mind at the time,” Balik told “I was in complete shock, everyone called me to see if I was OK, my phone did not stop at all,” she added.

Meanwhile, one of the rescuers was quoted saying “As far as I know, there is no support column… Five or six meters of brick came down; this is serious negligence. Iron is not used, so it is a crime to do”.

The local administration has launched an investigation into the matter.

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