WATCH VIDEO: Major tragedy averted as plane crash-lands on road in Iran

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A major tragedy was narrowly averted in Iran when a plane crash-landed on a runway and skidded onto a major highway next to the airport on Monday. The passenger airliner has 144 people onboard. Luckily, only two passengers suffered minor injuries in the hard landing.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 was flown by Caspian Airlines in Mahshahr in the southwestern Khuzestan province of Iran.

A dramatic footage of plane landing in the middle of the street has gone viral on social media. Witness who got the footage didn’t know if there were any casualties.

“We crashed. We crashed but we are unhurt,” a male passenger said in Farsi in the video. “My hand is shaking.”

The video from Iran’s Civil Aviation Network News showed shocked passengers exiting the aircraft with their carry-on baggage.

Provincial airport director Mohammad Reza Rezanian said all of the passengers had been safely taken off the plane. The jet was enroute from the Iranian capital, Tehran. The plane carried 136 passengers and eight crew members, authorities said.

Images from the scene showed the plane had ground to a halt not far from a populated area. The plane also missed traffic on a major highway linking Mahshahr to Imam Khomeini Port.

Authorities said the plane came in harder than usual and lost its landing gear as it hit the tarmac. No landing gear could be seen in pictures of the plane after the crash.

The accident is under investigation, officials said.

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