WATCH VIDEO: Martin Sheen recites Rabindranath Tagore’s poem at protest; video goes viral

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Veteran Hollywood actor Martin Sheen recited Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poem ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’ during a protest in Washington. Martin Sheen was a part of a weekly protest against climate change organized by actress Jane Fonda on Friday.

Reports say police arrested 147 persons including Sheen and actor Joaquin Phoenix for crowding and incommoding.

Sheen’s recital has left Indians proud. The 79-year-old actor, however, did not mention the source of the poem. A short clip of Sheen reciting the poem has gone viral on the social media.

After taking stage, Sheen starts his speech and then continues to say that the onus is on human beings to stand up for what they believe in and “lift up the nation to that point where the heart is without fear, and the head is held high.”

This reminds us of a verse from Tagore’s famous poem, “Where The Mind is Without Fear”, a verse from his Gitanjali. The poem translates to “Chitto Jetha Bhoyshunno” in Bengali and Tagore wrote it in 1910. The poem essentially speaks of the poet’s vision of a new, awakened and improved nation.

Applauding Jane Fonda, Sheen exclaimed on stage, “Clearly, the world will be saved by women. Thank God they outnumber us, men”.

Most Indian internet users are proud of Sheen. While some called the video as ‘thing of beauty’, others said ‘fighting the right fight with right words’.

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