WATCH VIDEO: Woman smashes laptop on boyfriend’s head for “looking at other women”

The Hush Post | 8:50pm | One-minute read |

A woman aboard a flight violently smashed her laptop over boyfriend’s head for “looking at other women”. The incident has been reported from an American Airlines flight which took off from Miami to Los Angeles.The raging woman was caught on camera while in action.

The footage shows the couple arguing while still seated. Two air stewardesses tried to calm the situation but had little success.

The female passenger used all the expletives she could while bashing up her beau.  The man, apparently called “Memo”, gets up to move seats telling her, “You’re assaulting me man,” to which she replies, “Oh, I’m assaulting you?”

Not only the woman hit the man with the laptop, she also pounded him with fists. The couple was removed from the aircraft after the woman refused to budge.

American Airlines said in a statement, “Prior to departure from the gate on Sunday at Miami International Airport, two passengers who were travelling together were involved in a dispute”.

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