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WATCH VIRAL VIDEO Lion jumps into tourist vehicle at Crimea safari

The safari adventure park in Crimea is known for its both scary and adorable big cats

The Hush Post: It was a shock of their life for a group of visitors at a safari adventure park in Crimea when a lion jumped into their vehicle and started cuddling with them. The big cat did not harm anyone and just cuddled with them. A video of this incident has gone viral on the internet and social media.

The incident was reported from the Taigan Safari Park where a group of tourists was going in an open-sided. A lion that was sitting near a wall suddenly got up and jumped into the vehicle, a report said.

The 1 minute 59-second clip shows the lion sitting in close proximity of the cart. Then it jumps on the vehicle. After cuddling with the driver, the big cat moves onto the back of the vehicle and licks a woman’s face while others immediately start to take selfies — quite unfazed. The big cat is named Filya.

The park is known for its both scary and sweet big cat encounter and the CCTV footage has left the netizens divided, the report said.

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