Woman seeks divorce as husband stops her from playing PUBG

THE HUSH POST | 08:30 pm | Two-minute-read

An Emirati woman filed for divorce form her husband as he stopped her from playing PUBG, the famous online mobile game.

Handling the case, Captain Wafa Khalil, Director of the Social Center at Ajman Police, said, “Justifying her demand for the divorce, the lady said that she was being deprived of choosing her means of entertainment. She said that she had a sense of pleasure and comfort from the game.”

Giving more information about the case, Captain Al Hosani said that it was one of the most bizarre cases they had handled regarding online gaming. The lady came to the police station seeking help after a fight with her husband.

Further in the report, Captain said, “It was well within the limits, she said, adding that she didn’t open the chat option where she could have talked to the strangers. Moreover, she said that she was playing the game with her friends and relatives.”

However, the husband stopped her from playing the game just because he feared that she’ll soon become addicted to it. He said that it had nothing to do with matter of suppression of freedom, but that his efforts keep his family together. He also added that he never thought that the things would take such turn, with his wife asking for divorce.

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