Woman kills ex-boyfriend, cooks body parts and serve it as rice & meat


The Hush Post|14:00 pm|1-min-read

A woman from United Arab Emirates has been arrested for allegedly killing and cooking her ex-boyfriend. She, then served his remains into a Moroccan dish (a traditional dish of rice and meat) and fed it to a group of workers near her home.

Although the murder took place months ago, the crime came to light after the man’s brother went looking for him at the couple’s home. He allegedly found a human tooth in a blender, Gulf News reported.

According to a newspaper report the accused, 30-year-old confessed that she killed her boyfriend and chopped his remains into pieces.

While confessing, she said that she killed her boyfriend who was in his twenties to seek revenge for being dumped.

After serving some portions to the workers, she later “threw the remains to the dogs in the neighbourhood,” the report said. A DNA test later confirmed that the tooth belonged to the missing man. During interrogation, the woman told that she took help from a friend, who helped her clean the apartment after the crime.

The woman was sent to a hospital for medical check-up to determine if she is suffering from a mental illness. According to an Associated Press report, she will face trial after the investigation is completed.


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