Youth caught red-handed raping a goat, says, had taken permission from it

The Hush Post | 8:47 pm | Two-minute read

A 21-year-old youth was caught red-handed while raping a goat. After being nabbed, the youth gave a shocking reply for his act. He claimed to have taken permission from the goat. The youth has been arrested.

The incident has been reported from Machinzi in Africa’s Malawi. The accused, Kennedy Kambani was caught in the act by the goat’s owner, Pemfero Mawakhulika.

According to media reports, the Mawakhulika first thought that somebody was trying to steal his goat. He took his neighbors along and raided the goat house. Here Kambani was found raping the goat. Kambani told the police that he had taken permission from the goat.

This is not one of a kind incident that has been reported from African countries. Unnatural offences are on the rise in these nations.  In November 2018 in Zambia, a 22-year-old was sentenced to 15 years in jail for raping a pregnant goat. In South Africa too, a 33-year-old man was held guilty of raping his neighbor’s goat.

Such ghastly incidents have been reported from India too. In January last year, a group of people had allegedly raped a cow in Vadodara, Gujarat. In a similar incident, 8 persons were arrested for gang-raping a goat in Haryana’s Mewat in July 2018.

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