Filmed in shower then raped, Law student submits 43 video clips against Chinmayanand; says evidence removed from ashram

BJP leader Swami Chinmayanand’s troubles continue to increase day-by-day. The girl who has leveled rape charges against him has made another shocking revelation.

The law student from Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur has alleged that Chinmayanand recorded her videos while she was bathing and then used the clips to blackmail and rape her. She has claimed that the former MP also shot a video of the act.

The girl’s father has provided the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the case over 43 video clips. He has demanded that besides Section 376 of the IPC, Chinmayanand should also be booked for destroying the evidence. The girl’s father has claimed that some of the evidence has been removed from the hostel room of his daughter at the BJP leader’s behest.

On the source of his videos, the man said his daughter recorded Chinmayanand’s acts using a hidden camera.

A friend of the law student had also come forward in her support. “She studied with me in the same college and had told me about the problems she was facing. She told me she was first given free food and other privileges in the hostel but was unaware of what was in store for her. Later, she told me that when she went for a bath, her video was recorded, which was later used to blackmail her,” News 18 quoted the friend as saying.

The law student has accused Swami Chinmayanand of raping and “physically exploiting” her for a year.


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