Ban on leave for judges on working days unless there is emergency

ranjan gogoi

The Hush Post |8:30 | one-minute-read 

The Chief Justice of India Justice Rajan Gogoi has banned leaves on working days for the judges to deal with huge pendency of cases in courts across the country.

The leaves can be taken only in case of emergency. Casual leaves of any nature will not be allowed. Also the judges are being dissuaded from being part of seminars since it encroaches upon the time of the litigant.

There are more than 2.75 crore cases in lower courts, about 32 lakh cases in the high court and 55,000 cases in the Supreme Court.

In case, a judge does not adhere to the new system, judicial work will be withdrawn from him.

The judges will not be able to take LTC leaves during working days. The judges get three LTCs a year while bureaucrats in comparision get two LTCs in four years.

Justice Gogoi has also asked CJs and senior judges of various states to fill up the vacancies as soon as possible.

Justice Rajan Gogoi took over as the Chief Justice on October 3 after Justice Dipak Mishra superannuated a day before.

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