Life in a metro: Wife loses husband in a bid to chase pick-pockets who stole his mobile

The Hush Post: This is how cheap human life in India is for a common man. Even if you put up resistance for a wrongdoing, you put yourself into trouble most of the time. For a 25-year-old labourer’s family like Amarjeet’s, loss of a mobile would have meant a big hole in the pocket. Display of courage and fighting the evil led to losing her husband forever for Manju. This is the life of a common man in the national capital — full of misery, hopelessness and despair with no sense of security of life, of job, of money.Wife loses husband in a bid to chase pick-pockets who stole his mobile

A family of four, husband Amarjeet, his brother, wife Manju and four-year old son, was returning home after visiting the Delhi zoo. They boarded a DTC bus on route number 405 (plying between Badarpur Border and Mori Gate terminal) to reach the nearest Metro station at about 6:30 pm, which was not very late in the night.

Little did they realise that pick-pockets had been following them from the zoo itself. A group of four persons too boarded the bus and stood close to Amarjeet. Giving details, Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner Of Police (New Delhi), said one of the pick-pockets stole Amarjeet’s mobile from his pants, his wife Manju noticed the pick-pocketing, raised the alarm and also managed to run after the culprits. She too had got off from the bus, chased them and manged to get hold of one of them.

In the ensuing scuffle, one of the pick-pockets attacked her with a knife but she did not lose hold on the pick-pocket she had got hold of. In the meanwhile, her husband who had also reached the spot to rescue his wife, was stabbed in the chest. Passers-by came to the rescue of the couple and overpowered two of the attackers. The couple was admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where Amarjeet was declared brought dead. Three of the four alleged attackers were arrested but the fourth suspect escaped, according to the police. An FIR has been lodged.


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