10 MAKE-UP HACKS to help you through unknown emergency

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We spend a large amount of time on make-up, applying make-up and then correcting it. Make-up hacks are a blessing for any girl. If you are tired of your worn out lipstick or your concealer not done right or you are just done trying that perfect winged eye liner.
Here are few make-up hacks you will thank their innovators for;


Use tape for perfect eye – liner
Girls try hard to get that perfect shaped winged eye liner. Take a scotch tape and paste it around your eyes in the shape you want shape of your eye-liner to be. After applying the liner, pull off the tape and here you are with the desired winged eye-liner.


Shimmery eyes
Sometimes you don’t want a full shadow colour to highlight our eyes. If you want to just highlight your eyes then apply vaseline, it will work both ways. Not only will it work as a highlighter, but also keep your skin moisturised.


Make your lipstick stay longer
Nobody wants to look good only for a short while. You would want to leave the party with the same look that you entered with. If you want your lipstick to stay longer, take a tissue paper, dab talcum powder all over it, keep it between the lips after applying the lipstick. Your lipstick will stay much longer.


Toning for good and clear skin
After washing your face, always tone up your skin with rose water, aloevera, lemon juice, or one from the market, it is very essential. Toning helps in closing the open pores and make your skin tighter, keeping you youthful.


Cucumber to avoid bloated face
Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, your face is puffed up and bloated. Just grab a cold cucumber and rub it around your face for two minutes. It will work like a miracle and you will see all the bloated patches vanish.


Make your foundation one shade lighter

Sometimes while ordering foundation online, it happens that we tend to order a shade lighter than the perfect shade for our skin. No worries, before applying the foundation just mix it with a moisturiser and you are good to go.

# HACK 7

Dry mascara 
After one point of time, mascara tends to dry out. Take lens solution or eye drops and put few drops of it into the mascara tube, then shake the tube well. So here is your completely new mascara.

# HACK 8

Lack of eye liner
If you are running out of eye ,liner and getting late then don’t worry just dip your eyeliner brush into the mascara and you can use it as an eye liner.

# HACK 9

Gel eye liner dried
If your gel-based eye liner has dried up, put the box into a microwave and heat it up for few seconds and it will be back to normal.

# HACK 10

Get more from tubes
This is a very Indian thing. If you are not able to get out cream from your tubes and there is excess left. Just cut the tube into half and then you can easily access the remaining amount of cream.

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