Top five Ludhiana-based clothing brands in India

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Being a brandaholic is new shade in the world of clothing because people are more brand conscious these days than they were earlier. Choosing a brand, however, is more difficult , therefore, we made it easy for you. We have listed out five Ludhiana based brands which are trustworthy and available all over the world.


Sportking is a well-known brand in the textile industry.

In fact not only Ludhiana, but it is a renowned brand all over India. Moreover, they have played a remarkable role in uplifting the condition of the city’s textile industry. The turnover of the group in year 2012-13 included Rs 425 crore of exports. These figures are testimony to the company’s expanding business. Sportking has established its name in yarn manufacturing, textile processing, knitted fabric and garment manufacturing. Woodburn, Sublime and Mentor are the three brands of the company.


This is another Ludhiana-based brand which has excelled globally. With a tagline, ‘It’s the way you make me feel’, the brand strives to stand up to customer’s expectations. Monte Carlo fashions Ltd was launched in 1984. A big name in the hoisery industry, Oswals are the brainchild behind this brand. Not only in Ludhiana, but the launch of the brand was a remarkable step in the evolution of garment industry in India. Undoubtedly, the brand has expanded majorly within these 35 years.

Apart from woollen knitted garments, company’s products includes denims, shirts, sportswear, tunics and many more.


Established in 1966, Duke is one of the leading suppliers of clothing and now, is a purely Indian fashion brand with presence abroad. The philosophy and approach of Duke is to fulfill the requirements of their customers in relation to the quality, size, variety, and fabric.  Moreover, Duke offers an extensive range of clothing for men, women, and children. Although, Duke is influenced by the latest European fashion trends, its premium quality and fabrics are its very own creativity and hard work.



The group- Indra Hosiery Mills came into being in 1954 under the leadership of Late Shri Tribhawan Lal Jain with a vision to manufacture jackets which were ‘not in fashion’ at that time. Furthermore, now they serve every sector, be it jackets, coats, tops, t-shirts, track pants, capris, sweatshirts, etc. The prime objective of the group is to design fabrics as per trends and requirements of their customers. A whole team of designers design 1000 designs every year using their skills and creativity to make them look apart from other brands.


Based in Ludhiana, Rage had passionately dedicated 15 precious

years to maintain its goodwill as well as grow in the market. Rage has a huge manifesto of 25 exclusive brand outlets and 500 multi brand outlets. However, it also has a parent company Rage Knit which includes cardigans, knitted tops, woven blouses, capes etc. However, all kinds of cloth are designed. Rage has a wide variety of collections which include tops, kurtis, jackets, capes and ponchos, palazzo stalls and the list is endless. Also, Rage offers fine merchandise in plus size clothing.


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