Today is Valentine’s Day, yesterday was World Condom Day, the perfect antidote if you go too far

A day before Valentine's Day is a World Condom Day.
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The Hush Post: Celebrate the Valentine’s Day, but if you go too far, don’t forget World Condom Day was celebrated just yesterday along with the sixth day of the Valentine’s Week – the Kiss Day. So wear the cap of caution. Well, is the celebration of World Condom Day an anti-dote for the Valentine’s Day mostly celebrated by college-going youngsters and teenagers? Well, you guessed it right.

The international Condom Day promotes the use of rubber as a measure to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS. A little trivia about condom is that the Danish word for condom is a 30-letter word called Svangerskabaforebyggendemiddel.

South Africa followed by India has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases. South Africa has 71 lakh HIV cases while India has 21 lakh HIV cases. According to Inga Muscio, “Men who refuse to use condoms do not deserve to be loved by anyone but other men who refuse to use condoms.” While Caroll Byrant says, “The world doesn’t need another man like you.”

Author, Miya Yamanouchi in her book Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women, says, “Safe sex is an act of self love.”
There are other quotes by unknown people like, “It will be sweeter if you wrap your Peter,” or “If you really love her wear a cover.” Another writer Mokokoma Mokhonoana says, “Although every person makes mistakes, not every mistake should make a person.”

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