Diwali prep: Home-cleaning tips, plan ahead, enjoy later

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With Diwali just days away, and the celebratory mood all over, women especially have cobwebs, unmanaged crockery, stains on walls and floors staring at them. It’s difficult to decide where to begin to clean them. The first step is don’t just think, pick up the duster and go for it.

One more reason for the home cleaning session is that you are sorted for the winter. During those chilly days, one wouldn’t even think of doing anything else but the usual.

If everything is left to be done by the maid, don’t crib if it doesn’t match your expectations. You need to chip in.

A general guideline for Diwali prep

Don’t undertake more than one activity a day. This way, you don’t burn yourself out and one job at a time is a job well done. Don’t multi-task, you’ll land up in a mess, spill something, break your crockery, or something like that.

Begin in advance at least by 10 days or a week.

If you have help at hand, tell beforehand what needs to be done the next day, if you can lend a helping hand, better for you. Everything gets done as you want it.

Involve the family in the pre-Diwali cleaning. Tell kids to clean up their almirahs, get shoes repaired, hand over unused or worn out stuff.

Start with removing the cobwebs. Washing curtains and upholstery, may be done in phases spread over 3-4 days for the entire house. Soak dust laden upholstery overnight, if there is no fear of colour leakage.

Kitchen, is the most important unit that needs intensive care. Soak unused crockery in liquid soapy water, as you need to remove the dust and grime. Wash them simultaneously, The unused utensils used for cooking and serving for parties which are not used daily can be cleaned and kept back in their places.

Door knobs, switchboards need to be cleaned as you would want to decorate all nooks and corners, for lighting — the first place to reach out for is the switchboard.

Visiting markets or online websites for shopping of home decorations, décor, should also be done in phases. One can just recee the local markets or special/wholesale markets in advance to avoid traffic rush close to Diwali

Start thinking of the menu in advance, so that if you want to try something new, this is the right time to try it out. Check out recipes on internet, snacks and try them out once.

Take a look at last year’s used decorations, rangoli powders, etc, if you can reuse them or get rid of them.

Try and get rid of unused stuff lying in different corners, almirahs, trunks, racks. Give them to people who would be in a better place to use them rather than let them lie disused.

Make a list of people you want to wish on Diwali over phone. Though Whatsapp is the easiest mode, a phone call gives a personal touch. If you can visit elders, relatives friends within your city/town, all the more great. So, again you need to enlist the days, whom to visit when.

As far as gifts are concerned, go by your pocket not what the other person would expect. Expectations never die.

Last but not the least check out what you would want to wear, or if you also need to look for clothes worn by kids, spouse, elders to be drycleaned, ironed or washed.

If something’s left undone, don’t be unhappy, its ok. Chill and enjoy the moment.

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