Hyatt Regency receives honor for ‘best luxury upscale hotel’ at HRANI conclave


Ludhiana has today marked its landmark in the field of remarkable hospitality and luxury to its visitors. The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India and The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Punjab held an award distribution ceremony on May 28.

Hyatt Regency has made Ludhiana proud by winning a few categories at the HRANI conclave. To begin with, Pawan Aggarwal CEO, FSSAI appreciated and awarded the prize to the winners.

At this ceremony, 17 awards were awarded to several hotels and restaurants in various categories. Among them, Hyatt Regency received ‘Best Luxury Upscale hotel’. Also, the Head Chef of Hyatt Regency Sandip Patil received an honor for ‘Best Chef’.

Surprisingly, the association received a total number of 117 entries for these awards. Indeed, the competition was quite tough. However, Hyatt Regency managed to spread its wings and flourish as one of the best luxurious hotels in the town.

The president of HRP, Amarveer Singh mentioned that the decisions were quite tough as all the entries stood much competitive in their quality hospitality. Moreover, several factors were kept in consideration while accessing the final results.


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