Nomita Khanna narrates stories from her book to Kumon kids

The Hush Post

These days, kids have more chances to explore and learn. Kumon Maths & English Program made it a tad bit easy as they held a book reading session for kids. Nomita Khanna, a Ludhiana-based award winning author, led the book reading session for young kids.

She read few extracts from her one-month old toddler’s book ‘LUCKY COSTASAURUS and the golden winged vultures’. The book is set in Goa and focuses on it prime character Lucky who finds himself in a certain situation and is stuck with several questions in his mind.

It is a kid’s book which would definitely generate interest and reading skills in young minds. Moreover, the session was very interactive and the little toddlers enjoyed every bit of it.  Undoubtedly, this book would be of interest to other kids too.

Talking about writing for toddlers  Nomita Khanna said, “I wrote the book for children for it would generate their interest and would help in improving their writing skills as well. Surprisingly, it was an honour to educate these little ones as they sat and paid attention to the session with interest and patience.”

Suvra Nanda, owner at Kumon Maths & English Program, added, “Kumon is a place where we encourage our kids to read because the more one would read, more the command over the language. Particularly, the idea behind this session was to enlighten the students to read more so as to improve their skills from a young age itself.”


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