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With time, we tend to follow a particular kind of a lifestyle, some aspects of which might not be healthy for us but we are ignorant about it. Numerically, about 70 percent of people are affected by a sedentary lifestyle. So, if you too fall in the same category,  it’s high time you brought in some changes. However, the first step is to recognise and accept the wrong, then start making the change slowly and steadily, as it is very tough to change our habits in one go. So, try bringing in the requisite changes in your lifestyle and see the difference.

Proper sleep

Don’t do this, don’t miss out on sleep for the sake of a mobile phone

Sometimes, even 24 hours in a day are not enough for us due to work pressure. Our sleeping hours have reduced. Due to our busy schedule, we get little time for ourselves and we are only hit the bed at night, which might not be sufficient for the body. But it’s high time to think about it, we need around 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Proper sleep is very important for us to be productive.

Making love

As a human, we have various needs and so we have some physical needs as well. So we need to respond to our physical needs too. Making love and having an orgasm and all the good feeling is very important for our happiness. So share a moment with your partner and don’t avoid it just because of a busy lifestyle.

Healthy, mind-refreshing breaks

Taking breaks in between is very important for efficient work and health as well. Working all the time keeps no room for your personal growth. It might affect your skills too. So it’s very important to take once in a while and detox your mind and body to come back refreshed and ‘ready to take up more challenges’.


A person to share our feelings with is very important in life. It’s extremely important to have a true friend so that we are not inclined only towards professional life. With time, as our responsibilities increase, time we spend with our friends reduces, but it’s very important to take time out for friends once in a while.


Reading is the biggest investment for the mind

Books are nowhere seen in the daily routine list of youngsters these days. Reading, as a regular practice has been dropped  from our list. But it’s important to read even if it means for 10 minutes each day. It is a nerve stimulant for the brain and helps our brain cells grow and remain healthy.

Investing in yourself

At the end, its always about you before anyone. You have to keep yourself happy and healthy to keep others happy and to be productive in terms of personal and professional life.

If you are not happy from inside nothing can help you develop your other skills and other necessary stuff. So invest in your growth and on yourself because ‘you is what is important’ at the end.


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