International Women’s Day| Family, creativity empower women

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The more women you will empower, the more you will empower a country. These are not just stories but factual descriptions of millions of those women who had been asked to hide behind men. The new times have ensured the beginning of a generation where women are equal to men. Here are some more inspiring stories of the few of the many empowered women.


Freelance writer and author of kid’s book ‘Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden-Winged Vultures’, Nomita Khanna is a Ludhiana based writer with experience in entertainment industry. She has written for renowned magazines like Femina.

However, she got married after her college at a very young age but that was the beginning of a new journey. She stood up and started working for herself and her family in order to earn self- respect, along with independence.

Backed by a supportive family, Nomita is inspired by the idea to ‘create’. Her will and courage has made her achieve a good start in her career.

“One needs to have a strong supportive family, I am blessed to have them in my life. An empowered woman is the soul behind the development of a country as a whole,” she says.

Create and keep yourself busy if you want to achieve a good position in the society — Nomita Khanna


With a background in the field of communication and journalism, this young woman has been working as a freelance writer for the last 5 years. Prabhleen has managed to shine like a diamond with her skills in writing and communication. Her articles appear in various media portals, like Viral India, Lifestyle Slot and Times of India.

She did her graduation as an English Honours student and her interest in journalism helped led her to a Masters in Journalism. Going through devastating relationship problems, this young lady never let her gender limit her talent and aspirations. She followed her passion, worked hard and made it a point to make things fall in place in her favour.

“Being a woman, I realised that it is not the males but the male- chauvinistic thoughts of a person that overpower us. Since that day, I made myself strong willed to take up the challenges as a woman journalist,” she  says.

In a world where women empowerment is criticised and not celebrated, it is difficult for us to maintain our position in the society, we should celebrate the potential of women — Prabhleen Kaur


Originally belonging to Delhi but now settled in Ludhiana, this woman has fought against all odds and secured a place she desired. Popularly known as Yogi Shivani, she is the owner of YogaSutra Spa. She is among those millions of educated women who voice their opinions and stand by them.

Belonging to well-educated background, Shivani believes that a beginning of a strong woman begins with her family surroundings.

“I, as an educated woman, know that what my aspirations and how I should act to achieve them. Similarly, even now women don’t take independence as a priority. They keep it as an option,” she says.

Without family support as well as your own voice, women empowerment could be quite painful — Shivani Bajwa


Sumit Gogia is a renowned author and a motivational speaker who suffered a paralytic attack due to which she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After this, there was a stage where she became totally dependent on her family for day-to-day functions.

She is a great poet and writer. She has penned down her book ‘Khwahish- A wish’ published in 2013.

She never let her disease control her attitude, instead she stood up and pursued her life as normally as she could. “My mother Bhupinder Kaur and my father Maninder Singh have been my greatest strengths in the painful course of my life. Being a woman, that too, diseased (as said by people), they never let me feel like I am a burden rather I feel more empowered as a woman because the society is changing its thoughts for the honour of a woman,” she says.

Until and unless you yourself don’t identify your true worth, you won’t be able to express it to others – Sumit Gogia




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