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Summers are just a few days away, get ready to keep yourself well-hydrated. It is always better to take precautions than to suffer unnecessarily. Keep yourself both, physically and mentally active. Here are some must-have fruits and vegetables which will help you to bear summers smoothly:-


We all know, watermelon is healthy, delicious and a great source of water. Watermelon keeps dehydration at bay. As a matter of fact, it contains around 91.45 percent of water.


·         Helps in hydration

·         Improves heart health

·         Lower stress

·         Reduce muscle soreness

2.       CUCUMBER

Have them in salads, have them as snacks. Just add them in salad in your diet daily. Cucumber has lots of fiber and the best thing to have in your lunch in summers.


·         High in nutrients

·         Contains antioxidants

·         Helps in weight loss

·         Lower blood sugar




3.       CURD

Curd is easy to have plus it can be converted into a great drink which also very healthy for you. Likewise, you can have it as a lassi, smoothie and in many other ways.


You must have green leafy vegetables as they are rich in fibre. Green leafy vegetables include spinach, lettuce, kale, Broccoli, cabbage etc.


·         Improves the digestive system

·         Helps in improving eyesight

·         Balances  cholesterol level

·         Helping in maintaining youthful skin

5.       ONIONS

Furthermore, you must have onions in vegetables and also as your salad. Onion is a great anti-oxidant and is packed with various nutrients. They are low in calories and also are a great store of vitamins and minerals.


·         Contain cancer-fighting compounds

·         Control blood sugar

·         Have anti-bacterial properties

·         Boost digestive health

6.       LIME WATER

Undoubtedly, lime water is the easiest drink one can make in summers. It is a great way to keep you active, fresh at work and hydrated as well. Lime is a great source of vitamin C which is very good for the skin. Also, it is capable of taking away your body heat.


·         source of vitamins and potassium

·         rejuvenates skin

·         Fights infections

·         Helps in weight loss

7.       TOMATOES

Tomatoes as like cucumber, just add them in your salads and vegetables to have their best benefits. Even applying tomatoes on your skin in summers is quite beneficial. It helps to keep your skin red and toned.


·         Reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer

·         Great source of vitamin C and K

·         Have a good amount of fiber

·         Contain lycopene which is beneficial for health.

8.       ORANGES

A great source of Vitamin C, oranges are must to have in summers. Keep one in your bag and get a refreshing feeling whenever you want.

· Benefits:-

·         Helps prevent breast cancer

·         Builds body immunity

·         Improves mood and skin appearance

·         Regulates blood pressure


Apricots and peaches are great to have in summers. They are rich in fibre and also a good source for vitamin A.

· Benefits:-

·         Diet friendly

·         Good for skin and blood

·         Contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium etc

·         It is anti-aging

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