Apple producing iPhone 6s in India now, price same as imported one

The Hush Post: Apple’s Made-in-India iPhone 6s is likely to hit the stores soon. After manufacturing the iPhone SE in India, Apple has reportedly begun the production of the iPhone 6s at Bengaluru.

The Economic Times has reported that Apple was producing the iPhone 6 series models on a trial basis. It eventually chose iPhone 6s to be manufactured here because of the large Indian smartphone market.

Apple, which makes expensive models as compared to other smartphone makers, could be insulated from import duties like iPhone SE if the government brings changes to the import taxes. However, Apple will continue to sell imported iPhone 6s until the capacity of domestically manufactured iPhone 6s improves, a company executive said. There will be no price difference between the two differently manufactured models.

After producing iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, Apple is reportedly looking forward to producing more iPhone models in India to remain competitive in the Indian market.


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