“We’re happy our son has different sexual orientation,” a couple accept their son as he is

Supreme Court

The Hush Post: Just as Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality and gay sex, a Bhopal couple, parents of a homosexual son came out in his open support.

A medical student Rahul Chouhan said that he was even engaged to a girl in 2014. This was because his family wanted him to. However, he soon realised he had absolutely no feelings towards the girl. He broke the engagement. Later, a psychiatrist helped him identify himself and the fact that he had a different orientation.

Even his parents, who come from a rural background, a village in Tarana tehsil ear Ujjain supported him.

More recently, the parents – Ram Kanya and Suresh Chandra Chouhan came to Bhopal to participate in the pride parade of the LGBT community.

Rahul says, “Back in my teens I was attracted to a boy and then I didn’t realise what’s the thing about me. But now I do.”

After Rahul confided his sexual orientation to his mother, she visited the doctor. Then, the mother spoke to her husband and he also visited the doctor. The doctor apprised them that such sexual orientation is a biological phenomenon and there is nothing wrong about it.

Of course, the recent Supreme Court ruling comes in as a major relief.

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