Bhopal doc’s wife enters into contract to bobbitise him, later gets him killed by hired henchmen

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His wife Ayesha has claimed that deceased Dr Shafatullah Khan used to lure young girls by promising them nursing jobs and then allegedly used to rape them

The Hush Post: The Bhopal Police have arrested the wife and some relatives of a 55-year-old Dr Shafatullah Khan, who was found murdered in his house earlier this week. The arrests were made on Saturday.

According to police Dr Khan’s 45-year-old wife Ayesha had allegedly got into a contract for bobbitising her husband because of his “bad habits”. Ayesha was allegedly helped by her 30-year-old niece Nandini and latter’s 35-year-old husband Pawan Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma later got in touch with two men who took the contract to kill Khan instead, a report said on Sunday.

According to Shashikant Shukla, Jabalpur SP, Dr Khan had 12 stab wounds on his chest, and his throat and wrists had been slit. The SP said initially, it was suspected to be a loot case because the killers had taken away jewellery, cash and other valuables from Doctor’s house after locking Ayesha, her daughter and grandson in the bathroom, it was reported.

But, in their questioning discrepancies were found in answers of Nandini who later spilled the beans.

SP Shukla said that the story has come out that Ayesha had married Dr Khan in 1991, but he continued establishing relationships with many other women also even after getting married  to Ayesha.

Ayesha has told the police that Dr Khan used to lure young girls by promising them nursing jobs and then he used to rape them. Dr Khan had allegedly raped Nandini when she was only an 11-year- old child and it resulted in her pregnancy, Ayesha reportedly told the cops.

She said that the matter was later hushed up. “Things had reached my family and I had to act,” Ayesha reportedly told the cops.

Then Pawan hired the two henchmen, namely Dheeraj and Rajendra Malviya to execute the plan.

On June 12, the duo came to Jabalpur and Ayesha gave them Rs 10,000 each to bobbitise her husband Dr Khan but later Pawan decided that it would be better to get him killed.

After these revelations, the police have arrested Ayesha, Nandini, and Rajendra. Dheeraj and Pawan have yet not been arrested and a manhunt has been launched for them.

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