Madhya Pradesh top cop keeps dead father for a month to revive through Ayurveda, staff goes on leave due to stench

mishra dead father

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In a bizarre incident, Additional Director General of Police, Madhya Pradesh, Rajendra Kumar Mishra claimed that his 84-year-old father, who was declared dead on 14 January by a private hospital, was alive and responding to Ayurvedic treatment. According to the medical reports, his father had died of lung complications almost one month ago. The hospital had issued death certificate as well.

However, the matter came to light when staff members working at Mishra’s residence fell sick due to the foul smell coming from the decomposed body and took leave.

After investigations by the police, Mishra said, “This is a private matter. I don’t know what the people at Bansal (the hospital where he was being treated) said. But when they gave up, we brought him home. He is being treated by an ayurvedic doctor.” However, when asked if anyone can see his father, the officer refused.

Meanwhile, Dr D K Satpathy, former head of the state forensic department said: “I have inspected the body. According to medical science, he was not alive. It is a matter of faith for Mishra family members who believe that senior Mishra was in samadhi. When I inspected the body, it had not decomposed, and I can’t comment on the state of the body at present.”

Dr Ashwini Malhotra, who had treated the deceased, also confirmed the death. He said, Mishra’s father Kalumani was admitted on January 13, but died at 4:45 pm on January 14″.

The top officer, however, dismissed the hospital’s version. He said that he has faith in Ayurveda, and it would help him revive his father.





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