Man ‘neglects’ wife for civil service exams, seeks divorce

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A man is so busy with his coaching classes for the UPSE exams that he wants his marriage nullified.

The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh, where a coaching class owner’s ‘obsession’ with competitive examinations seems to have thrown his relationship with his wife into some kind of a turmoil and now wants a divorce.

According to a counseller with the District Legal Service Authority (DLSA), the woman walked out claiming she was feeling “ignored” by her husband who “confines” himself to the preparations for the UPSC and other state-level competitive examinations.

“The woman said during counselling that her husband remained confined to himself while preparing for competitive examinations. She said he remained indifferent towards her during their cohabitation,” said Noorannisa Khan, the counsellor with the Jila Vidhik Sewa Pradhikaran (District Legal Service Authority).

“He is the only son in his family. He had married the woman in hurry as one of his parents was terminally ill,” Khan said.

The man has now filed a petition for divorce claiming there was no contact between him and his wife after she went back to her parents. Also, now the woman was not ready to return to him.

“Claiming that efforts for mediation by relatives and others have failed, the man has filed for divorce in family court from where the case was referred for counselling,” informed Khan.

She said four more sessions of counselling will be held between both the parties before the court begins hearing the case.

“We would try to save their marriage,” she added.

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