Stray dog saves woman from molester, gets stabbed


The Hush Post | 11:36 | One-minute read

A stray dog saved a woman from molester in Bhopal, MP. The incident took place in Chhola area on Sunday afternoon, where the 29-year-old victim resides in a residential colony with her husband.

Accused Sunil who resides in the neighborhood intruded into her house when she was resting. Sunil grabbed her and allegedly molested her. He was in an inebriated condition. When the victim resisted, Sunil started hurling abuses at her.

The stray dog ‘Sheru’ who would normally be found straying in and around the victim’s house, saw the molester and attacked him. But during this ‘Sheru’ was stabbed by the accused. Sunil who is jobless and a nuisance in the locality got scared and ran away.

The victim was saved but the dog started bleeding profusely. Local police said that the victim reported the incident after which the dog’s medical examinations had been done.

Chhola police have registered a case against the accused and started the investigation. The arrest of the accused has not been done so far.

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