Passenger gets angry at Pragya Thaur for delaying flight | Lawmaker at loss of words| WATCH VIDEO

pragya thakur in spicejet flight

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A video has gone viral of a SpiceJet passenger arguing with Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pragya Thakur inside the plane.

Pragya held up a Bhopal-bound flight over the allotment of seats, has won praise on social media. The Twitterati is hailing the man as ‘hero’.

On Saturday, the Bhopal lawmaker reportedly held up the Delhi-Bhopal SG2489 flight for close to 45 minutes. This, after she was asked by the crew to move to a non-emergency row seat as she was on a wheelchair. However, she refused.

While some restless passengers requested Thakur to change her seat. Few others asked the crew to offload her, the airline’s spokesperson said.

In the video, passengers can be seen confronting the BJP MP. He is seen reminding her that she is people’s representative and her job is not to “trouble them”.

As the arguments escalate, Thakur is heard saying: “I said it at the beginning itself that show me your rulebook. If I don’t feel comfortable, I will go.”

To this, a man tells her: “You are people’s representative. Your job is not to trouble us. You should come by the next flight.”

The airline clarified that Thakur was not allowed to sit on the pre-allotted seat due to rules 

Thakur then argues why she should go when there is “no first class, no facilities”, only to get a retort from him that “first class is not her right”. “You should have the moral compass that even if one person is getting troubled because of you, you should own up because you are the leader. You are not ashamed that you have held 50 people at ransom,” the man tells her.

When Thakur complains about the language used, the flyer replied: “I am using absolutely correct language.”

He added the word sharm, meaning shame is a very respectable word.

The Bhopal MP had earlier filed a complaint with the Bhopal Airport director, alleging that she was not allotted the seat that she had booked on the flight and the conduct of the airline crew was not right.

On Sunday, the airline clarified saying Thakur was not allowed to sit on the pre-allotted seat as rules do not allow a ‘passenger on wheelchairs’ to be seated in the emergency row due to safety reasons.


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