Six-year-old boy mauled to death by stray dogs in Bhopal

The Hush Post | 6:55 pm | One-minute read

A pack of stray dogs in Bhopal mauled a six-year boy to death on Friday evening. The sad part is that his mother saw the attack and tried to save him. But the dogs turned on her. Six-year-old Sanju was lying in the house till 9:30 pm as the police was waiting for the ambulance to come.

The people from the neighbourhood showed their anger on kid’s death and accused Bhopal Municipal Corporation of negligence. Many of them said that they have been bitten by the pack over the past few weeks. But BMC did nothing regarding this.

“I was attacked and bitten at 6 am on April 17. Around four months ago, BMC just did a formality by picking up 3-4 dogs. But there are more than 20 such dogs who chase the bikes and bite the pedestrians.”, said Roop Singh, a neighbour of the dead child.

ML Bhati, SHO Awadhpuri, said that no one knew that Sanju had gone out to play. His mother Savitri gave birth to a baby girl on April 1. After that, she underwent a hysterectomy immediately. She was resting at home when her husband, Harinarayan Jatav, returned from work and asked for Sanju. Then Savitri went out to look for him and was horrified to see her son being mauled by the dogs.

After that, she tried to rescue her son but the dogs turned on her. She ran back to home screaming for help. The neighbours chased the dogs away but by then Sanju’s body was ripped. He was lying on the road motionlessly, bleeding from dozens of his wounds.

Her mother, Savitri kept screaming that she could not even celebrate her last birthday as she was in the hospital.

The locals said that they had made several complaints regarding the terror of the dogs to BMC four months ago. The dog squad caught around four dogs but brought them back to the colony after few days.

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