Chinese woman marries Indian man amid Corona Virus

Wedding amid Corona virus

Love in the times of Coronavirus as Chinese woman marries Indian man

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Amidst Corona Virus, a Chinese woman and Indian man wedded in Mandsaur on Sunday. The wedding would have gone unnoticed as just another marriage ceremony in Madhya Pradesh’s sleepy town had it not been for coronavirus outbreak.

The wedding kept Madhya Pradesh health department officials on their toes. The bride, Zhihao Wang, and her family arrived in Mandsaur for it on Wednesday.

Mandsaur district hospital’s civil surgeon, Dr AK Mishra, said a team of five to six doctors and paramedical staff has been medically examining Zhihao’s family members since they arrived in the town.

“Though they do not have any symptoms of the coronavirus, we have been doing this as a precautionary measure. The moment we see any symptom, we will admit them to the hospital,” said Dr Mishra.

He added they were very cooperative and did not get annoyed over their daily checkups as part of a protocol. “In fact, they appreciate it.”

As many as 324 Indians were evacuated by Indian authorities from China

India on Sunday temporarily suspended e-visa facility for Chinese travellers and foreigners based in China in view of the outbreak that has spread to 25 countries. As many as 324 Indians were evacuated on Saturday. The evacuees have been isolated at two facilities set up near Delhi.

Zhihao said she met her husband, Satyarth Mishra, while they were studying in Canada five years back. Zhihao said their courtship lasted a few years. Then they decided to get married.

Zhihao’s parent’s father, Shibo Wang, mother, Xin Guan, and two other relatives from China attended the wedding.

Satyarth Mishra said that four other relatives of his wife were supposed to come from China for the wedding. However, they could not get visas due to the coronavirus outbreak. “Hence, they stayed put in China.”

Zhihao said her family visited certain places in India before reaching Mandsaur on January 29. “They plan to visit certain tourist destinations before returning to China,’’ she added.

Shibo said they have had no problem in cooperating with the health officials. “We know the reason behind it. In my city, there is no spread of the virus. Hence, we do not have any problem in returning home,” he added.

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