Differently-abled woman raped in MP hostel; Police arrest 6 persons including hostel director

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The cops have booked the hostel director too as he had the rape victim abort the foetus and then burnt

The Hush Post: The Madhya Pradesh police have arrested six persons for raping a differently-abled woman at a hostel. The arrested persons include the director of the hostel for differently-abled persons in Gwalior.

The cops have booked the hostel director as he had the victim abort the foetus and then burnt it. The rape survivor is a 24-year-old deaf and dumb woman, a report said.

It is the third incident in the last two months of the rape of a differently-abled woman at such hostels.

Inspector Amit Bhadoriya said the incident took place at Snehalay House, a hostel run for differently-abled persons on Jhansi Road. The hostel guard had raped the victim about three months back. Later, hostel director B K Sharma came to know about the incident. He had the woman abort the foetus and burnt it in the hostel backyard, to destroy evidence, the report said.

The caretakers of the hostel gave a tip-off to the Women and Child Welfare Department about the incident. Then the officials spoke to the victim and reported the matter to the police.

The police have arrested six persons till now, including the hostel director BK Sharma, his wife Bhavna Sharma, and four others. Three persons are absconding in this case, the report said.

Child Protection Officer Sandeep Jayant said that the hostel is not registered with the department. Whenever the department officials inspected the place, the hostel management showed resistance, Jayant said.

Jayant said that the department now plans to counsel all the inmates of the hostel.

Navneet Bhaseen, Gwalior’s SP said they are medically examining all the inmates to find out similar offence.

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