Dead man comes back to life in Gwalior

dead man wakes up in Gwalior

The Hush Post| 9:55 am |one-minute-read

A Gwalior family got a pleasant shock when a family member of theirs who was declared dead came back to life.

Hari Singh Rajpur of Shabd Pratap Ashram had a breathing problem. He was admitted to a hospital on Wednesday. However, his condition kept worsening. The doctors then gave him an injection after which he started vomiting and foam started to form in his mouth.

The family immediately called the doctor again, who declared him dead. The family then got into a scuffle with the doctors alleging negligence.

The doctors, who were cornered by the family, then put the patient on the ventilator. However, Hari Singh Rajput did not respond to the ventilator. Subsequently, he was taken home as doctors said that he cannot be revived.

At home, when the extended family and relatives started pouring in for a visit, one of the relatives felt his pulse and immediately asked for a doctor again. The doctor on examining said that the Hari Singh Rajput’s pulse could be felt and he was immediately shifted to the hospital again. He is right now under treatment again.

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