Teenager made to lick toilet seat for not being able to give convince cops against 2 accused in the accused’s son’s murder case

The Hush Post | Three-minute read | 07:10 PM

In a horrific incident, a teenager from Indore was thrashed and made to lick the toilet seat. The police said that the boy was pressurized to give a false statement regarding the murder case of the main accused’s son. After he failed to convince the police, he was attacked and assaulted by the accused of this case.

The accused has been identified as Mukhtiyar, who was arrested by the police in some other unrelated case. However, the police are searching for the other attackers.

Deputy Inspector General, Ruchi Vardhan reportedly said, “Mukhtiyar’s son was stabbed by four others two months ago. All four were arrested and charged. But Mukhtiyar wanted two more boys in the case. For that purpose, he pressured this boy (the victim) to give a statement against them.”

The police didn’t find anything against those two. Mukhtiyar became furious as a result of it and kidnapped the teenage boy and thrashed him.

According to the reports, the boy was repeatedly hit with sticks. In the video, he can be seen crying and crawling to the commode and licking inside of it. The boy is now undergoing medical treatment.

“We got to know about the incidence after Mukhtiyar was arrested in a different case and we found this video when we checked his mobile phone. The boy was so terrified that he couldn’t tell us he was being forced to give false evidence,” said Ruchi Vardhan.

According to the police, Mukhtiyar has more than a dozen cases of extortion, land grabbing, and encroachment filed against him.

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