‘Hum do, hamare teen’ Jain community’s slogan for its young couples


The Hush Post|12:45pm|1-min-read

Owing to the fear of thinning of Jain population in India, the Digambar Jain Mahasamiti in a meeting in Indore last week introduced a new slogan ‘Hum do, hamare teen‘.
The samiti has urged the younger generation to plan at least three kids. The step has been taken keeping in view its less population.
According to the national census statistics, the Jain popualtion was 42 lakh in 2001 when national population was 102 cr. In 2011, their population rose to 44 lakh, when the national population was 120 cr.
“We want the young Jains to think about it. The biggest hurdle in having more number of children is the strain on financial resources. The samiti will bear the expenses of the third child,” the national president of the mahasamiti, Ashok Barjatya, told a Hindi national daily.
The Jain community will come together and collect funds so that this scheme can see the light of the day, he said.

Apart  from the Jains, Parsis too are facing the threat of sparse population. Most of the Parsis live in and around Mumbai. However, one positive among both the communities is that they have a really high per capita income compared to other communities.

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