Inmate girls up in arms after authorities stripped, searched as a used sanitary napkin found in hostel

The Hush Post: Inmate girls at Dr Hari Singh Gour University’s Rani Lakshmibai Hostel in Madhya Pradesh were up in arms and have given a complaint against the warden of the hostel accusing her of stripping the girls and conducting a body search on them. The trigger of the incident is said that a used sanitary napkin was found at the hostel premises.

About 40 girl inmates of the university hostels complained they were told to gather at place and were asked to strip their clothes and go naked. The students sent their complaint to the university’s vice-chancellor. The claimed in the complaint that the hostel warden and her aide conducted the search as a used sanitary napkin was found in the hostel compound. Not only this, all the girls were told to take off their undergarments also, they complained.

ANI tweet regarding the incident.

After getting the complaint, Vice-Chancellor RP Tiwari reached the hostel and spoke to the complaining girls and enquired about the incident. He assured the agitating girls of an investigation the university authorities. He promised a stern action against those found guilty and a strong punishment.

In a statement, the V-C said, “It’’s unfortunate and condemnable. I told students that they are all like my daughter and apologised to them. I also assured them that an action will be taken in this regard. If warden is found to be at fault, action will definitely be taken against her.”

The hostel inmate girls are feeling humiliated and are afraid and they refused any interaction with media, Zee Media reported.

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