Mobile phone turns saviour as robbers fire at trader, gunshot hits mobile

The Hush Post: A mobile phone turned saviour when a businessman in Uttar Pradesh’s  Jhansi district was fired at by robbers on Friday night. Prem Narayan Gupta, who owns a pipe showroom in the Qila Gate area , shut down his shop for the day at about 9 pm and got on his two-wheeler.

Robbers who were keeping an eye on him hiding nearby jumped on him, had a scuffle with him and tried to snatch his bag. When they couldn’t stop him, one of the robbers fired at him. The gun shot

hit the mobile phone which was kept in the trader’s front pocket.

Prem Narayan did not realise that he had been shot at and he ran for his life towards his house. On reaching home, he realised that there was a big hole in his shirt and his mobile was missing. He went back to the incident site near his shop and found the broken mobile lying on the road.

He reached the police station and lodged a complaint. The police seemed to be susceptible about the turn of events as narrated by the shopkeeper, but lodged a complaint.

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