Mother chops off extra fingers of newly-born girl child fearing ‘issues in marriage’

The Hush Post| 07:35pm| 1-min-read
Fearing problems arising out of extra fingers and toes on a girl child, a tribal woman allegedly chopped them off.
She tried to chop off the extra fingers and toes of her newborn child in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. The girl child was born on December 22 with six fingers each on both hands and six toes each on both feet.
After media reports drew attention to the crime, the body of the child was exhumed on Saturday, a police official said.
The woman used a sickle to chop off the infant’s extra fingers and toes. She later coated the injuries with cow dung. The infant died within hours and was buried in the village, the police said.
“She feared that the child would not be able to get married in future because of these extra fingers and toes,” a police official said.
The condition is known as polydactyly and is a congenital physical anomaly in humans and animals.

A post mortem was conducted. The medical report was awaited, said SP Ruchi Vardhan Mishra.

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