Murder accused family in jail, police looks after their pet dog

The Hush Post | 12:25 pm | One-minute read

The cops at Choti Bajaria police station of Bina district, Madhya Pradesh is busy with something strange: They are taking care of a pet dog — Labrador — during their spare time, which belongs to a family of the murder accused.

The owner of Sultan, the dog, Manohar Ahirwar and his two sons allegedly killed five members of their relative’s family. Also, they killed a 10-year-old child. All of the accused were arrested with murder charges.

However, the police team found the dog alone with no food and water. The police said that the dog was very aggressive when the team arrested its owner. But now he has become like a family. Now, Sultan rests with the police officers in the same room. The officers provide him homemade food also.

The police station in-charge, Manisha Tiwari reportedly said, “We first asked the family’s relatives and neighbours to look after the dog but they refused. We were left with no option, but to bring the dog to the police station or he would have died. We take turns to take care of the dog. We bath him, feed him and take him out for walks.”

The police officers say that they will give Sultan to a family who are fit to take care of him.

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