Three brothers rape and behead their 12-year-old sister in MP; uncle joins in crime

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A 12-year-old girl was gangraped by her three brothers and uncle, and then beheaded in Madhya Pradesh. The horrifying incident was reported from Banda town in Sagar district. The girl’s parents had filed a missing complaint with the police on Thursday and eight hours later the headless body of the victim was recovered.

Police have arrested two of the accused brothers and the uncle, while the third brother, the eldest, 22-year-old, continues to be at large. The brothers have confessed to their crime and told the police that they raped the girl at the uncle’s house.

The minor girl had left home for school on Thursday, but was forcibly taken to the uncle’s place by the eldest brother.  He raped her first and was joined by the other two brothers, aged 17 and 19, who turns to rape her.  The 40-year-old uncle too joined in. The autopsy report has revealed that the accused also engaged in unnatural sex with the victim.

Fearing that the girl might reveal the incident to her parents, they beheaded her with a sickle to conceal her identity. The headless body was dumped at a farm nearby.

Police say that the eldest brother had raped her in the past as well.

Meanwhile, the police have also booked the girl’s aunt for aiding her husband and nephews. She learnt about the rape and murder, but chose to remain mum. Instead she helped the four concoct a false story, pinning the blame on a local family.

The family had earlier alleged that the girl was kidnapped and murdered by a rival Kurmi family due to an old feud.

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