Woman kills husband, buries him inside the house to destroy evidence

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In a bid to destroy evidence, a woman in Madhya Pradesh allegedly killed her husband, buried him the house and built a kitchen above it. The incident has been reported from Kotma in Anuppur district.

According to the police, Pratima Banawal had filed a missing complaint of her lawyer husband Mohit a month ago. Kotma Sub Divisional Officer of Police K N Prasad said Mohit’s brother Arjun would often ask Pratima about the disappearance of the lawyer. However, she would pick up fights on the issue.

Arjun soon got suspicious of Pratima. Even the neighborhood smelt something fishy as Pratima never allowed them to enter her house. She often abused them and behaved aggressively, said Prasad.

On Thursday, when the neighbors tried to enter the house, the 32-year-old woman locked it up and left. The people however managed to break in and were confronted with a foul odour inside. The people then called the police.

The police team on arrival dug up a part of the house underneath the kitchen. To their surprise, the police found Mohit corpse underneath. The police exhumed the corpse and sent it for autopsy.

Prasad informed that Pratima had strangled Mohit with a wire on October 22. In order to destroy evidence, she buried the corpse in the house.

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