Woman shamed, forced to carry husband on shoulders as punishment after being caught in an extra marital affair

The Hush Post | 7:30 pm | One-minute read

A married woman was shamed and forced to walk with her husband on shoulders as she ran away from home with the man she loved. The incident took place in a tribal village in Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district. The police said that the villagers had beaten the women very badly. She was forced to carry her husband on shoulders as a punishment. Two people have been arrested till now.

A video was shared widely on internet on Saturday, which showed the woman carrying her husband on shoulders as she struggled to walk. Moreover, there was a group of men around her who were hooting and trying to shame her. Also a man can be seen hitting her with a stick.

The local police informed that she ran away to Gujarat with the man she loved few days ago. Her husband and in-laws traced her two days back and she was brought back to Devigarh yesterday.

Giving more details about the incident, Vijay Dawar, ADSP Devigarh said, “The woman left her home ten days back. Around 10-12 men misbehaved with the woman after she was back in the village and publicly shamed; they snatched her dupatta.”

Vineet Jain, Superintendent of Police, Jhabua district said, “This incident is really inhuman. I have told the police in-charge to go there with additional force. Whoever was present at the time of incident should be called to the police station.”

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