Woman claims to be HIV positive, saves herself from becoming a rape victim

The Hush Post | 2:00 pm | One- minute read

A murder accused out on bail tried to rape a 29 year widow in Aurangabad. But surprisingly, the woman thwarted the attempt saying that she is HIV positive. After hearing this, he left the place fearing that he would get infected. According to the sources, the incident took place near Rajnagar area of Aurangabad where the accused resides.

Kishore Vilas Avhad (22), was earlier arrested as he murdered his father. On the night of March 25, the woman came to the market to shop with her seven-year-old daughter. While returning home, she realized that she only had Rs 10 with her. Then she tried to get seat sharing auto rickshaw but did not find any. After that, she stood outside the Shahanoormiya dargah asking for lift.

Avhad, who happened to be passing by on his motorcycle, offered to drop the woman with her daughter. Instead of dropping her at home, he rode to the nullah at Rajnagar. While attempting to rape her, he threatened the woman with a sharp weapon. But the woman showed great presence of mind by claiming that she is HIV positive.

Assistant Inspector Shraddha Waydande said that the woman contacted the police and informed about the incident. An offence for kidnapping and molestation was registered against Avhad. The police also slapped sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act against him.

Further she added, a sketch of the accused was prepared according the information provided by the woman. She said, “The woman also told the police about the tattoos and marks on the hands of the accused. We managed to arrest Avhad a couple of days ago using the woman’s description.”

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