Man kills wife for rejoicing at mother-in-law’s death



The Hush Post| 9:06 pm |one-minute-read         

About a week after reports emerged of a woman who committed suicide in grief over her mother-in-law’s demise, it has now come to light that she was thrown off the balcony by her husband. Reason: He was enraged over her rejoicing his mother’s death.

As per a report, the woman started rejoicing when her mother-in-law passed away. This angered her husband so much that he allegedly pushed her off the balcony and passed it off as suicide later.

49-year-old Shubhangi S Lokhande was earlier believed to have taken her life after losing her 70-year-old mother-in-law in a battle to cancer.

But an investigation in the case has revealed that her husband Sandeep Lokhande was livid after seeing his wife displaying joy over his mother’s demise.

According to a news report, after an interrogation, it came to light that he confessed to having killed her.

“After the ailing Malati (70) died Saturday morning, Shubhangi became happy. She couldn’t hide her feelings. Sandeep was enraged by this behaviour of his wife and killed her the same day,” a police official said.

Sandeep Lokhande was arrested while his two children are in their grandfather’s custody.


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