Woman who gulped mangalsutra, chains, zipper, bangles, safety pins; docs finally operate


The Hush Post| 12:51 pm| two-minute-read

Nails, nuts and bolts, hairpin, safety pins, mangalsutra, bracelet, chains, copper rings, bangles have been found in a stomach of a woman after she was operated upon.

Sangita is in her mid-40s. She was admitted to Government Hospital for Mental Health after she said that she had a severe stomachache.

Soon her stomach became hard like a rock and it swelled out. One of the pins in she had swallowed even punctured the tummy.

Doctors were stunned to find jewellery, hardware items, ropes, zippers inside Sangita’s stomach. Dr. Nitin Parmar who carried out the surgery said that this disease is called acuphagia. The doctor said that she may have been popping such stuff from months probably years.

Arpan Nayak, a social worker had been able to trace her family in Shirdi. However, the family is reluctant to take her back since she has left home thrice before.

A native of Shirdi, Sangita was found wandering at Shaherkotda where she was found and seemed in a mentally unstable condition. Later she was brought to a hospital for treatment.

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