Alcoholic arrested for ringing doorbells indiscriminately

Man arrested for ringing doorbell

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An alcoholic whose pastime was ringing doorbells and running away has been arrested. The man was arrested for ringing the doorbell at an odd hour. The Mumbai police arrested a 37-year-old man for ringing doorbells of residential apartments at odd hours. On realising he fled the spot.

Identified as Prem Lalsingh Nepali, a resident of Mumbai’s Chembur area, the man was arrested after he rang the doorbell of a jeweller’s house in Kanjurmarg at 2 am on Sunday. He again tried to flee the scene. However, he was caught by the residents of the building.

According to a news report, a police officer from Kanjurmarg police station said, “He rang their doorbell and then tried to flee, but was caught by other residents of the building. When the complainant confronted him, the accused started abusing them, following which they dialed 100 and informed the police control room.”

On being questioned by police, he confessed that he committed the offence under the influence of alcohol.

This was not the first time he committed a similar offense. Many other residents came up with similar complaints. In fact, a complaint was also filed against him in September 2018.

“We arrested him and during the investigation, we learned that there was another complaint that was lodged in September 2018. As a warning, we had registered a non-cognizable offence against him, but this time as the complainant and other residents were reluctant to drop the matter, a case was registered,” a police officer said.

“As it is a small issue, people did not come forward and lodge a police complaint. Now, we have four witnesses against him,” the officer added.

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