When hawker tries to sell Chetan Bhagat’s book to Chetan Bhagat | WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 3:00 pm | One-minute read

Famous Indian author Chetan Bhagat shared a video on Twitter on Wednesday in which he was buying his own book from a young street hawker.

Chetan was sitting inside his car and asked the hawker whether he sold books written by him. The boy, being unaware of the fact that the man sitting inside the car was actually Chetan Bhagat, showed him his book.

The boy told the author, “New book of Chetan Bhagat has released.” After that, Chetan asks the boy, “Does he write well?” The boy replied, “Many people buy his books.”

The author also asked him whether the book was original or not. The boy said that the book was a copy of the online version. Eventually, the author reveals his identity to the boy.

Chetan Bhagat shared the video on Twitter and his post read, “This guy sold me my own book! His reaction when he found out was so sweet. I don’t support piracy (hurts me directly) but I also know it helps people like him make a living. I’d rather they sold original books at signals instead. Many do now!

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