Koena Mitra says her plastic surgery was mistake | Koena is Bigg Boss 13 contestant

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Saki Saki girl Koena Mitra has admitted that she made a big mistake by undergoing a plastic surgery. The Bong bombshell is currently participating in Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 13.

In a recent interview, Koena Mitra told Bombay Times that like others she has had her share of mistakes. Koena shared, “As humans, we make a lot of mistakes and take a lot of chances in one lifetime. Till the time you don’t experience things, how will you learn and know whether it tastes good or bad? Many do it and it’s their choice that they don’t like talking about it.”

The former Gladrags Megamodel also revealed that many Bollywood actresses have gone under the knife. However, she rued that the actresses don’t talk about it as if it were a crime.

Koena Mitra also lashed out at the society for its hypocrisy. She said men go unscathed when talking about plastic surgery. Stating that rarely anyone talks about men doing the same, she said, “Why are only women trapped and attacked when it comes to cosmetic enhancement? You are fine with 60 and 50-year-old men from our industry with no wrinkles and head full of hair looking like they have returned to their 20s!”

Notably, Koena Mitra has been away from Bollywood for quite a long time. She grabbed headlines for her plastic surgery that went awfully wrong. She didn’t have qualms then talking about it and doesn’t have even now.

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