Bigg Boss Shocker: Contestant Saurabh Patel lied about his identity, he is not a farmer, he is casting director named Sahil Rameshwar Patel


The Hush Post: An even bigger surprise of Bigg Boss Season 12 comes here. It wasn’t about Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, it is that one of the contestants has been hiding his real name and profession throughout.

According to a report in Bollywood Life, not just the celebrities on the show who have issues, the commoners, too, come with their share of baggage. Or Bigg Boss in order to make the show interesting and telling the contestants to lie.

One of the pairs on the show, Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra, aren’t exactly what they appear to be. As per a report, Sourabh has spelt out complete lies about his profession as well his name.

Quoting a reliable source, it says that Sourabh isn’t his real name. What’s more is that he has been a struggling actor and has worked as an assistant casting director in the past. He is not a farmer as he has claimed to be. Sourabh has worked as an assistant casting director for production houses such as Rashmi Sharma and BAG films. Bollywood Life quoted an ex-colleague of his who refused to divulge his identity who said that Sourabh’s real name is Sahil Rameshwar Patel. The report added that he had also worked with casting director Shadman Khan.

Casting director Shadman said that Sourabh had actually worked for him in the past. He also confirmed that his real name wasn’t Sourabh. However, he said he wouldn’t like to go into the details of the issue.

This may come as news to Bigg Boss 12 watchers as Sourabh has, so far, been one of the more co-operative participants in the house.

Bigg Boss 12 is being telecast from Monday to Sunday at 9pm on Colors TV. It will be telecast for the next three months.

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