Man killed for asking woman her cellphone number

Woman gets her own son killed by contract killers as son opposed her illicit relations; arrested with accomplices
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The Hush Post: A couple in Chembur in Mumbai allegedly thrashed their neighbour to death. Reason: He asked the woman, who lived in the neighbourhood, for her cell-phone number. On Tuesday, the Tilak Nagar police arrested Yashwant (35) and Meena Jhade (32) and booked them for murder, apart from other serious charges.

The incident took place on Monday at a chawl in Krishna Menon Nagar in Chembur. As per the cops the victim, 39-year-old Rakesh Shinde, went to Jhades’ room in the chawl and asked Meena to give her phone number. She refused. What was the intention of asking for her phone number, is not known. By the afternoon, when Yashwant returned from Pune, where he had gone to work, Meena informed him about Shinde asking for her phone number.

The couple then went to Shinde’s room, and thrashed him incessantly. “While Yashwant hit Shinde, Meena grabbed his legs. In the on-going tussle, Yashwant hit Shinde on his chest and he immediately collapsed. The body has been sent for post-mortem, which will ascertain the cause of death,” said DCP Shahji Umap.

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