Classmate pokes pencil into another student’s eye, loses vision

pencil poked into child's eye

The Hush Post| 18:06 pm |one-minute read|

A nine-year-old boy from Mumbai lost vision after he was poked by a classmate with a sharpened pencil.

The incident happened in a school in Ghatkopar. The classmate poked his pencil in  the right eye in July 2018. However, the parents only decided to take the matter to the police after they were told by the doctors that the damage was irreparable.

“The teacher wasn’t in class but the principal told us that she had seen the incident from outside. We were, however, told that he was punched in the eye and hence communicated the same to the doctors. We found out that a piece of lead — speck of the pencil point — was still in his eye.

Had the school told us about the pencil, the line of treatment could have been different and his vision could have been saved,” the report quoted the father as saying.

The father said that his child has undergone three surgeries since but can no longer see in the right eye. He added, “We have spent over Rs 2 lakh on surgeries but the school has failed to help us get compensation from the other student’s parents. The school has also withheld my child’s report card as we did not pay Rs 3,000 as fees. We had informed the school that we would pay fees only if we received compensation.”

Meanwhile, school authorities have refuted the allegations.

The school’s current principal who was the child’s class teacher at the time of the incident said, “We hadn’t seen the accident and none of the students involved told us that he was poked with a pencil and hence couldn’t inform the parents about it. We cannot force the other child’s parents to pay compensation but have been reaching out to local politicians to help the family cover the expense of medical treatment. I have also decided to pay the child’s fees from my own pocket for this year.”

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