Devendra Fadnavis resigns as Maharashtra CM, Ajit Pawar also resigns

devendra-fadnavis resigns

The Hush Post|3:45 pm|one-minute-read|

First Ajit Pawar resigned a shortwhile back and then Devendra Fadnavis also put in his papers as the Chief Minister of Maharastra.

He said that he does not want to indulge in horse-trading as a result of which he is resigning.

“We formed the govt because a group of NCP came to us, but now we don’t want to do horse-trading, so I am going to resign. I am sure now these 3 parties [ShivSena-NCP-Congress] will run the govt but I fear that this govt is going to bow down under its own pressure.”

Fadnavis in his briefing to the media said, “BJP had a better mandate than Shiv Sena. People gave us a clear mandate with 105 seats. Shiv Sena thought they could bargain because of the mandate and started doing it publicly. After seeing the numbers they started bargaining. We formed govt keeping mandate in mind. We spoke to Shiv Sena for many days but instead of talking to us they started talking to Congress, NCP.”

Fadnavis says Shiv Sena was threatening the BJP.

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